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Put on a 1996 28 x 60(56) Dutch Located in Buena Vista.  End living room.  $39,000.

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Put on a 1998 28 x 60 Four Seasons located in Brookwood.  Living room and family room.  $35,000

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Put on  1998 28 x 60 4 Bedroom Dutch.  located in Brookwood in West Fargo.  $39,000

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Put on 1996 28 x 60 Dutch 3 bedroom.  Can be moved.  End living room home.  Great visibility.

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Put on 2015 28 x 60(56) Dutch.  Great lot.  3 bedrooms.  Seller financing.  $70,000.  $7,000 down.  $669/ mo.

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Put on 1992 16 x 72 Liberty in Buena Vista.  Ideal home for 2 adults.  2 larger bedrooms.  

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Heads up. I have 2 -2015 double wides located in Brookwood in West Fargo coming out. One is a 3 bedroom, priced in the low 80's. The other is a 4 bedroom double priced in the low $90's. Seller financing that would require 10% down. I have a 1996 28 x 70 Liberty double coming out. It is a 3 bedroom and a den or a 4 bedroom. Large fenced yard. $39,000. No seller financing on this home. You must go to the bank. I have 2 16 x 80 3 bedroom homes coming into Hillsboro. We have seller financing on those homes. They will be in the low 30's. Will require 10% down payment.