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Just put on a very nice 2002 16 x 80 Redman.  $28,000


01/14/18- Important notice for new homes.

I am doing a major upload of new pricing for new homes.

You will notice that they went up quite a bit.  This is not a one day increase.  Last year we had numerous price increases that I explained to people when we visited.  I did not have time to upload new price lists for all the homes.  The price list currently on are from last winter.  It takes a lot of time to update all the prices on the website.  I have done the smaller sectionals.  I will be doing all of them in the near future.  I have re-priced them, I just have upload them to the site.

The price increases are from a number of different factors.  The hurricanes in the south have put a lot of upward pressure on building materials.  Just ask the lumber yard.  On December 18th, we had a law that changed for truckers that had to keep electronic logs.  I think the manufactured home drivers were cheating on their log book.  Now they have to do it right.  Anyway, freight prices went up 20%.  It seems that drywall has gone up quite a bit in the last year.  

The set up of the home has been costing more money also.  Everything is just a little more. 

On the small sectionals, They have went up about $10,000.  I will see on the other ones.  I don't compare it until I upload them and change the pricing.

By the way, it  did not just go up for me, it went up for every other dealer.  They just don't price their homes on the internet so you would not notice it.  I try for total transparency. 

One thing is certain.  They will not get cheaper and the price increases will be still coming.  If you are considering ordering a home earlier to avoid any more price increases.   Talk to me about no obligation ordering.  Beat any further price increases.  Get started early.  Call me.  Let's talk.