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Big news!!!  Regal Estates is now a park that will offer seller financing on new homes.  

Totally revamped my Seller Financing pages. 

Click here to check it out 


Put them on 5/4 but forgot to post in here.   Put on

1995 16 x 80 Dutch.  To be moved

1988 16 x 80 Schult w/garage and room addition. 


Put on a new 16 x 80 that can be financed with seller financing in any of the 3 parks that offer seller financing.

2017 16 x 80 Dutch. 


Put on 2 seller financed homes. 

1994 28 x 44 2 Bedroom 2 bath Marshfield in Hillsboro, ND 

2015 14 x 44 1 Bedroom 1 Bath Redman at Countryside, Fargo  

Also updated information about ordering a new home with seller financing.  Thinking about it?  Lots are getting scarse.