Manufactured Homes

Nelson Homes, located in West Fargo, ND, sells new Dutch Manufactured Homes. Every new home is priced, and unlike many new home dealers, I display my prices right on the website. Not only the homes that I have in stock, but every home that is available by Dutch is priced.

The Website Experience

This website is designed to give maximum information presented in a clear, precise and transparent way. It is designed for you to do a major amount of shopping from your home. Every home has been priced with a base price and popular options for that home. It is not a bare bones price. Each home listed will have:

  • A price. You can print a price list with all the options that make up that price.
  • A printable floor plan.
  • Pictures, if at all possible. I won’t have pictures of every home. Some will be my pictures and some will be factory pictures.
  • Virtual tours of some homes.

If you have a floor plan from another builder, bring it to me. I will be able to price that home. We will re-draw the floor plan and produce a price for that home.

I think that I am the only dealer that puts prices on the web. I am proud of my prices. I have been told that they are quite a bit lower than my competitors homes.

My goal is to give you all the information possible for you to decide if a Dutch Home purchased from Nelson Homes is a good fit for you.


"Like" us on Facebook to get the latest updates on homes that I have put on the market.  Click the Facebook icon at the top of the page.  You will get notifications when I have put on a used home or any other pertinent information.  I promise you that I will not load it up with garbage.  It will be used discreetly. If you come out of the market and not wish to get further notifications, just "unlike" us.  

Options explained

It is not easy to know what things are on the price list.  I have made it a lot easier.  I have explain many of the options.  I also have pictures of the option.  I want you to know as much as you can about choosing a home.  You can find the link on the new home page. 


Get a jump on spring.  You can look at the floor plans and call me.  We can do almost all of it over the phone.  We can adjust plans, have the factory draw them, and price them.  This will effective if you are planning on shopping for a new home this spring.  We can price it exactly as you want it.  You will have a good understanding of options that you would want on your home.  Shop and compare.  We can start now. 

What's new?

Click on "What's new" .  It allows you to see what has changed since the last time you were on the site.