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Price: $85,830   1120 sq. ft

If you want a lot of visibility out the end of the home, this is a great choice.

You can also make it bigger if you want—you can add feet in 4' increments. You can put the 4' anywhere you want. A lot of people add windows to the front end also. Some have cornered the windows.

Of course, you can add a patio door.

Floor Plans

Price List

Please view the printable price list (PDF, 660.19 KB) for this home. This is the price with the options that I chose for the home. Your price will depend if you add options to it or leave off options that I chose. This is a limited option list. The Dutch option list is 7 pages, 2 columns. I can do about anything to the home that you can imagine.


The financing is hard to simplify.  There are so many variables to financing.  For Bank financing, the interest rate and down payment are based on: 

  • your credit score
  • if it is a park or private property
  • and the amount of your down payment.:
  • Seller  Financing   10% down. No Minimum credit score
  • Bank financing-      5% - 10% down.  Interest rate dependent on credit score and down payment
  • Local bank financing- 20% down payment, 10 year maximum term.  Bank may "balloon" loan and refinance balance at the end of 10 years.
The purpose of disclosing financing here is to show you what the approximate payments.  I would love to talk about your particular situation.  Bank financing will finance any credit score, for very low scores, the down payment can get high.  At least they will do it.  Please do not take these payments as written in stone.  It is meant to be an idea of the payments not a quote.  It generally only takes 1 or 2 days to find out an exact payment.  I can calculate your payment closer based on some of the information provided me.