Edge Homes


Edge is a budget priced home made by Dutch.  There are few floor plans and almost no changes that you can make to the floor plan itself. 

It is meant for folks who want a good basic home.  Budget is the premier focus of Edge Homes.  The option list is limited.  It is a production driven home.  That means that with fewer changes and options, they don't need as much time to build it.  They are then passing the savings onto you.  Most manufacturers make a budget home.  Frankly, most of the dealers who stock a single wide home, probably carry their budget model.  

What was not left off.

We did not leave off the structural things that make for a good home.  The home has 6" walls, upgrade insulation, thermo pane windows, metal faucets, OSB and home wrap (Tyvek-Like), steel doors and fiberglass tubs.  I put this stuff on for me because I have to service the home.  Your satisfaction is much more predictable when these things are on the home.  

Why purchase an Edge? 

This is meant for a customer who is considering a used home to put on their lot.  There are just not many used homes out there.   Frankly, if you purchased a used home, there would be no choice as to what is on the home,  What is on the home is what is on it.  You probably would not even notice what options were put on the home.  If you purchased a used single in the high 20's or low 30's plus the move, you would not be too far away from an Edge with delivery and set up included. You would probably be getting a home that is 15 or 20 years newer.  The shingles, appliances, carpeting etc may be near replacement on a used home.  With a new home, you are starting with everything new and a warranty.  It is also easier to finance a new home with the move included.  

Another reason for purchasing an Edge is if you need more square feet but need it affordable.  I would rather have a larger home that does not have all the stuff on it than a smaller home loaded up.  Square footage will have a higher impact on your lifestyle than if you have a large bathroom, etc.   

Loading up an Edge? 

I have found that if you load up an Edge, it will be less priced than the same sized Dutch.  I was surprised. 

Virtual Tour

Below is a link to a Virtual tour.  This is a loaded up virtual tour.  The Edge homes will look like the stock model Dutch homes that I have without some of the options.  The virtual tour home is heavily optioned.  If you really study the option list, you might be able to pick out the options that are on it it.  First of all it is drywall with the Liberty Enhancement option.  Those 2 options alone are about $4,400 in this home.  Those are the biggies.     
  • Virtual Tour Home Priced.

  1. Edge Single wide Homes  $54,000-$65,000Edge Single wide Homes $54,000-$65,000
  2. Edge Double wide Homes  $81,000-$106,000Edge Double wide Homes $81,000-$106,000