Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

It might be useful to have all the virtual tours in one place.  All the virtual tours that are available are on the this page. 


Factory Tour

Below is a tour of the factory.  Manufactured home factories have a number of stations where the home moves along until the home is completed.  It is very interesting thing to watch.

Double Section homes

The 2856 215 virtual tour is labeled a 2864.  It is the same home.  

Apex Homes

Apex homes are a "package home".  Most of the stuff on the home is standard (no extra charge).  Very good value home. 

Single Section Homes

Please view 

Edge Homes

The Edge Home is the least priced home that Dutch builds.  There are limited options.  I have 2 virtual tour below.  I was reluctant to put the 2860 801 because it is last year's models.  There were things that were not on the 801 series that are on the  901 series homes.  The current 901 series is better.  I chose not to market the 801 homes.  I am marketing the 901 Series.  The styling is different in the 901 over the 801.  The 2860 801 would be only useful in seeing the floor plan.   I would be happy to go through the 801 with you and show you the differences between the 801 and 901 series.